Tropical Paradise Grooming Services

Tropical Paradise

Tropical Paradise is a full service grooming facility located in the same building as Davies Animal Hospital. We cater to the care of your canine and feline friends. We offer state of the art bathing in our hydrosurge bathing system, experienced groomers trained to spruce up your pet's style, as well as nail trimmings, ear cleaning, and soft claw application. Please call for an appointment or stop by anytime to meet our friendly staff!

Call 530-673-1966

​8:00AM - 5:00PM

Although Tropical Paradise is not directly affiliated with Davies Animal Hospital, we do our best to coordinate some select veterinary services your pet might need while being groomed by us. Examples of these services might be; anal gland expression prior to bath, vaccinations and heartworm testing. These services are only available for existing clients of Davies Animal Hospital. Please submit your request for services when making your pet's grooming appointment. Thank you!