"I've taken all three of my current dogs, they always get the best treatment. Dogs are smart, they enjoy going there, that tells me everything. I've taken them to other vets, and groomers, they fight me when I try to take them back. Never at Davie's, they walk right in the door like they're going home!"

-Ernie W​​​​​​​.
"Davies is a huge part in our lives forever. They always go above and beyond in ALL that they do. Our babies big and small are lucky to be part of their family. Katie, Pauline, Janet Dr. Black to name a few have always been some of our favorites. Forever greatful and upmost Thankful for our friends at Davies."

-Jen P.
"I brought my cat in a couple of months ago for a urinary problem that was previously diagnosed out of state. They rushed me in within an hour as it could have been an emergency. I'm new to town, so thanks Yelpers for the recommendation. The vet was great! She checked my cat's urine and listened to me patiently. I've been using the prescription food she recommended and my kitty has been doing much better! I went in to buy a bag today and am always treated with friendliness. They are way better than my old vet in Virginia and really care about my pet. Thanks to Davies for getting us in right away and making us feel welcome!"

-Lorraine C.

"We have taken our pets to Davies for the past 2 years and we just can't say enough great things about Dr. Black. The hospital is always clean and the staff is always friendly. Janet has been one of our favorites from the start. She is always very friendly, upbeat and outgoing. We always recommend Davies to everyone and can't imagine taking our pets anywhere else."

-Rob L.

"I have never in my life seen a veterinarian treat a dog so kindly as Dr. Black has treated mine. While giving me advice regarding my dog, he held him and pet him the entire time. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Everyone takes their time and doesn't make you feel rushed. I am so, so, so happy I found this clinic. After my initial horrible experience with another veterinarian hospital in town, I was afraid to take my dog anywhere, so I'm really pleased to have found one that goes over and above my expectations."

-Kari O.

​"I went in to this vet for the first time today with my two cats. Vermin is 15, and Pearly is 4. They both needed wellness checkups, Pearl needed a de-wormer, and Vermin needed to be checked out for some elderly cat concerns.
First of all, when you walk into the office, the staff is incredibly friendly. The office itself is spacious, with separate areas for dogs and cats, which is the best idea I've ever seen. In some other vet's offices, I have felt crowded, especially if someone has multiple dogs or something, and this office has that problem totally figured out.
Secondly, after entering the exam room, I noticed that everything is very, very clean. When the vet came in, he was warm, and inviting, and was surprisingly able to keep Pearl calm, despite her rage at being at the vets. While performing each procedure, he was very sweet with each cat, and even offered them treats.
Vermin had a blood panel done, and Pearl got her medicine, and then we checked out. The whole visit took less than 30 minutes, and was literally 1/4 of the price I thought it would be. I immediately scheduled a checkup for our dog for tomorrow, and have Pearly scheduled to get spayed next month. I could not have been happier with my experience today"

-Jennie W.

​"Great place to take your pet, my german shepherd was neutered there and they did such a great job. :) I felt bad cutting off the poor guy's you-know-what but they took such great care of him. And they clipped his nails for free. I take all my pets there now. (three dogs, one cat)"

-Kathryn M.

​"I needed a place to take my new puppy and a friend recommended this place to me. She went in yesterday to get her shots and the staff were all very nice. Every one stopped to comment on how adorable my pup was and made sure we received prompt service. There is a cat and dog side which made it easier too. The tech who did the shots was very kind and knowledgeable and treated my fur baby very well. I had no complaints and will continue to take her there!"

-Aubri B.

​"How have I not reviewed Davies yet?!

Wonderful staff, basically like a second family. The receptionists are great, friendly, and love our puppies. The vet techs and Dr. Black and Davies are some of the best around. Dr Black and his wife have a real connection with animals, our dogs actually LOVE coming to the vet, something I've never experienced at any other vets office in my life.

But the big one is their actual work, which they take very seriously, and I'm grateful they do. One of our dogs is a purebred miniature poodle, and of course that means he has genetic issues, and already by the age of 1 he had severe arthritis. This worsened in his hip where he had a massive amount of buildup of cartilage and was unable to use one of his legs properly. Davies worked with us through repeated visits to narrow down the cause and best course of action, and finally it was agreed upon that the best option would be a FHO surgery (femoral head ostectomy). Throughout the whole process Davies was fantastic, we would wind up stopping in regularly for a quick checkup (which we were never charged for), and they really made their prices affordable, the same operation could be anywhere from double to quadruple if we had went elsewhere. It was the first time we did a larger surgery for any of our pets, but Davies made the process easy.

The dog who had the surgery took longer to recover, but he wasn't in great shape to begin with (kinda chunky, not good for that surgery), but after about 2 months he started to get a lot better, and now he's got so much energy it's insane to think that he's even the same dog!

And for the more minor aspects, Davies has very competitive/great pricing for things like shots, and spaying/neutering, and another puppy of ours who was spayed didn't react too well from the surgery, but Davies Hospital was again there for us to call up and bring her in as well, she ended up being dehydrated, which they addressed immediately and was acting better that same night.

All in all, great prices, great service, and great veterinarians/surgeons, I completely recommend Davies."

-Phillip K.

​"My usual vet was not available so I called Davies Animal Hospital to have my dog seen. She wouldn't eat, couldn't jump on the bed and was acting like she was in pain. The staff at Davies was very helpful to my husband and I and were very loving towards Jasmine, our Japanese Chinn. We felt very good about the care she received and about what we were charged for the visit.
Many months later, Jasmine developed a cough and I took her back to Davies. I received excellent care and service once again.
Now we have a cat, who has cancer and we are faced with the decision of whether or not to have her put to sleep. My husband, the clinical thinker is ready anytime, to take her in. I, on the other hand, am having a hard time. He had already made the appointment and when I held her to say goodbye, she purred and we fed her and she ate, all of which made it harder.
My husband called to cancel the appointment and asked about her behavior. Again, the staff member, was very helpful and took quite a bit of time to talk to him. I gladly give Davies 5 stars and would tell my friends to take their pets there. I hope you will, too!"

-Cheryl H.

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