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Welcome to Davies Animal Hospital’s Online Store. Hundreds of products are available in our Online Store; items like heartworm medication, flea products, food and many more. Please click button at the bottom of this page to begin shopping.

*** Prescriptions drugs may be requested by active Davies Animal Hospital Clients. Request will be submitted to Davies Animal Hospital for authorization.***

What is a Pet Portal Account?

Pet Portals are secure, private pet health websites that give you direct access to manage your pets health 24/7. We are happy to provide a Pet Portal Account free of charge to all of our clients that have an active email address on file at our office.

What can I do through my Pet Portal Account?

  • View pet information
  • Request appointments
  • Receive important medical alerts and clinic news
  • Post photos of your pets
  • Order prescription refills
  • Create and print instructions for petsitters or kennel staff
  • Access reliable information on a wide range of pet health topics
  • View your pets vaccination history
  • Receive email reminders for upcoming vaccinations

How can I get a Pet Portal Account?

It’s simple! Just verify that your account with us is active and that we have your current email address on file. (Call 530-671-3014 or email Every night new email addresses are uploaded from our client data base. In the morning, you should receive an email from us with a temporary password and a link to our hospitals website. Follow that link to our websites home page (or you may go directly to ). Click on the Pet Portal Account Login tab, enter your email address with the temporary password and you’re there! You will have the option to change your password once you’ve entered your Pet Portal Account. It is very user friendly and we hope you enjoy this service. As part of our Pet Portal service, you will also have the option to choose how you would like to receive your pets vaccination/heartworm test reminders by either email or regular mail.

Online Store