Davies Animal Hospital provides boarding services for our client’s pets. We are a hospital first and a boarding facility second but truly recognize our client’s need for this service. We do our very best to accommodate all requests.

Boarding Requirements

First and foremost, pets must be current on their vaccinations prior to the day they are left in our care. We now offer a nasal Bordetella vaccine for dogs that might have missed this vaccine, however, we highly recommend having the vaccination given two (2) weeks prior to their boarding stay. This allows your dog time to build its own immunity to the virus. The bordetella vaccine protects your dog against kennel cough, an upper respiratory virus. Because we are a hospital, it is possible that we may treat a patient with kennel cough while your pet is being boarded. It is very important to protect your pet against this illness. The other vaccinations dogs will need are the Distemper/Parvo, combination vaccine (DHPP) and a Rabies vaccine. For their health and well being, we do not board dogs under four (4) months of age.

Pet Boarding Accommodations

We offer individual indoor runs, large and/or small cages. The hospital has heat & air throughout. Dogs are walked outside twice daily, weather permitting, and are provided meals, water, and clean bedding. Clients are allowed to bring “favorites” like chew toys, stuffed animal friends and blankets as long as they meet our specifications. Clients may also bring their pets own food with feeding instructions as well as treats to be dispensed as directed.

We have a special ward for our feline friends if you need a place for them to stay as well. We again require that all cats are vaccinated prior to their stay for Rabies and FVRCP. Some pets will require daily medications during their stay with us. For this service, an additional fee will be charged.

Pet Boarding Drop Off & Pick Up

You may drop off or pick up your pet anytime between 8am-6pm Monday through Friday and 8am-4pm on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays and therefore do not release pets on Sundays. We understand that clients often return home on a Sunday afternoon and would like to pick up their boarded pet, unfortunately, this is the one day we are closed and we truly need this day to rest and spend time with our families.

Please be prepared to leave an Emergency contact number with staff just in case we need to call you during your pet’s stay. The hospital is not staffed during the evening hours. Thank you for taking the time to read through this information, we hope you found it helpful.